Organic cheese
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We are speciality producers of organic red smear, soft-ripened, blue and Dutch Gouda cheese. Each and every one an honest and delicious cheese, made from organic milk.

Bastiaansen Bio

Bastiaansen Bio is market leader in organic cheeses in the health food segment in the Netherlands and Germany. As Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten’s own brand organic cheese, its success is underpinned by a wide product range and honest flavour. For an overview of our current product range see the website of Bastiaansen Bio.

‘Naturally tasty cheese’

Every time you eat cheese, you make a choice. Grass-fed milk, or not? Pesticide use, or not? Sustainable food, or not? How will you choose? Bastiaansen Bio could be the answer you are looking for.

What makes an organic farm different?

Organic farmers use organic feed for their animals. Their animals have more space than is usual on a typical farm. Animals are generally given fewer antibiotics. The living conditions of the animals are geared towards promoting their natural immune system. The farmers strive to run their farms in the most natural way possible.

Pure and natural

The production process for organic cheese is entirely natural, and of course uses exclusively natural ingredients. All the ingredients we use are certified as organic by SKAL Bio Controle (the Dutch authority for authorising organic food). No preservatives are added during the production process. Organic cheese is allowed time to develop its flavour as it naturally ages. Instead of artificially speeding up the ageing process, we create the optimal conditions in which cheese can slowly intensify in flavour.

Organic cheese is a conscious choice, which is better for the environment and better for animals.