Outdoor grazing
Responsible milk production and happy cows

Cows thrive in their natural surroundings: the field. Here they can feed on nutritious grass and the earth beneath their feet can be naturally fertilised. They have plenty of space in which to eat, ruminate and rest.

Grass-fed quality

We are pleased to say that nearly all our cheese is made from milk from cows that graze on pasture. They have the ‘Keurmerk Weidegang’, a Dutch quality mark for grass-fed cows. That means our cows spend at least 6 hours a day outside for a minimum of 120 days per year. Many of our dairy farmers allow their cows to choose for themselves when they want to go outside.

‘Grazing cows define the Dutch landscape’

Stichting Weidegang

Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten actively encourages its members to use outdoor grazing. As a result, the proportion of our members who have grass-fed cattle far surpasses the national average. To ensure cows remain a familiar sight in the Dutch landscape, Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten has joined forces with the government and other businesses to initiate the Stichting Weidegang. This agency provides WeideCoaches, who assist our dairy farmers with grazing issues and the management of their fields.

More and more cows are automatically milked using a milking robot. The WeideCoaches help the dairy farmers to make the right choices when using this technology, making sure that cows still have the opportunity to graze outdoors as much as possible.