Dairy farmers
The cooperative’s entrepeneurs

Dairy farmers are at the helm of our cooperative. Through the Annual General Meeting they can influence the company’s decision-making process. Our farmers are fully involved, and committed to using responsible methods to produce high-quality milk. Cooperation is at the core of our cooperative. The farmers share their knowledge, adhere to a sustainability programme and strengthen the community’s connection with nature.

Responsible operations

Our dairy farmers are united by the care for their herds. A cow that is well cared for is a cow that will perform well. Dairy farmers constantly try to get the best from their cows. Feed, cattle shed layout, medication use, water quality and the amount of light a cow gets are all factors which influence its welfare. We are proud that our dairy farmers like their herds to graze outdoors as much as possible.

‘Dairy farmers are at the helm of our cooperative’

Organic farms
Some of our farmers have made a conscious decision to farm organically, which requires a different approach to managing their farms. A love of nature and their surroundings motivates these organic farmers to be more actively involved in nature conservation on their farms. To see this in practice take a look at the farms of familie Pelleboer, boer Bart, or Hoeve Sonneclaer.