Speciality cheeses
Colourful cheese from Rouveen

Cheese, a healthy natural product which, together with our global partners, we have succesfully introduced into many food cultures. We have, for example, developed sweet, strawberry flavoured cheese for the Chinese market and cheese with lavender for the French market. Of course, we also make a wide variety of cheeses for Dutch consumers.

Special production

Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten produces cheese in line with the wishes and recipes of its customers. We produce cheese in quantities of 1,000 kilos. Milk varieties, additives, ingredients, colour and shape can be varied. Our care, patience and dedication come standard. Simply special cheese. For more information look at our page Cheese à la carte.

‘Simply special cheese’

Product development

Product development is a core activity at Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten. We are constantly on the lookout for new applications for our products, we try out new flavour combinations and we allow room for creativity. To learn more see our product development page.

Tastes differ. Fortunately, the possibilities are endless when it comes to ingredients and flavourings in our cheese. Chocolate, coconut, mango, rosemary, kale or coffee: everything is possible.

Organic cheese

We are also market leader in the organic segment. We produce organic red smear, soft-ripened, blue, Dutch Gouda and fresh (herb) cheese. Each and every one an honest and delicious cheese, made from organic milk. Learn more by reading our organic cheese page.


Quality starts at th e farm, where our farmers are responsible for ensuring the quality of the milk. At further stages in  production we also have quality control checks to be absolutely sure this quality is maintained. To find out more see our quality page.