Unique cheeses with guaranteed quality

At Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten we produce quality cheese. That means you can always expect delicious cheese from us, with consistent quality, made with pure ingredients by dedicated cheesemakers.

Separated processes

Quality starts on the farm. We only use certified milk. Each day we process a variety of milks such as kosher or grass-fed milk. Each of these milks is collected separately from the farm. Our factory has been designed to process different sorts of cheese from different kinds of milk.

Quality assurance systems

Throughout the rest of the process there are a number of quality systems in place which guarantee consistently high quality. We use quality certificates such as: Process certification, GMP+, BRC and IFS.

‘Confident about quality’

Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten is also certified by Skal (Dutch organic control authority) and Demeter (quality mark for biodynamic farming and products) to produce organic and Demeter cheese. Our separated production lines also enable us to produce kosher and halal cheeses. We cooperate with any requests for specific audits which may be required by export countries. We have already received certification for a significant number of countries.